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Passionate About Coffee


Our passion as a brand

In the current economic climate, many people are continuously looking for new, exciting and profitable business opportunities. A business that is easy to manage with relatively low capital investment and built-in growth.

Wiesenhof Coffees is a concept of buying fresh gourmet coffee, whether ground or in bean form, as well as enjoying an excellent cup of coffee and good food in a pleasant environment from people who are knowledgeable about the coffee industry.

Our aim at Wiesenhof Coffees is to ensure our customers receive the freshest cup of coffee at all times, the best quality of food and high standards of personalized service.

In the past, the coffee market was flooded with inferior, blending type coffees, packaged in an instant form. As a result, coffee drinkers did not have much to compare their morning cup of coffee to.

Today however, coffee lovers have become much more sophisticated about the coffee choices they have – they gravitate towards better taste, flavour and aroma.

At Wiesenhof, we have a passion for good coffee. This is the reason why every franchisee must become familiar with coffee terminology, and educate the customer in gourmet coffee.

Wiesenhof Coffees prides itself in having the largest variety of gourmet coffees supplied from our own roastery, which is complimented with a full menu consisting of breakfasts, light meals, substantial meals and signature dishes, cakes, scones, muffins, croissants and salads.

Our infrastructure is of such a nature that we can ensure full support to all franchisees and our wholesale clients. We have a coffee roastery based in Heidelberg to which we deliver a selected range of imported coffee beans for roasting, blending and packing, and then from which we market our products. This central coffee roastery is also a distribution point for other associated products such as rooibos tea, mineral water and coffee related equipment.

Wiesenhof Coffees are gourmet coffee shops where the Wiesenhof Roastery controls the quality of coffee beans right through from importing, roasting and distribution, until it is served to our customers.

Wiesenhof Coffee Roastery adds to the pleasurable moments of drinking coffee by using only top grade Arabica beans. Pure and unblended, they possess the characteristic flavour and aroma of their native soil. Wiesenhof roast masters have the skill, experience and knowledge of each variety of bean, to adjust temperature and roasting time according to sight and aroma, to ensure you a great cup of coffee.

The Roastery also supplies specially developed coffee blends to the sister Franchise – Dulce Café.

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