Franchising Opportunities


Introduction to Franchising

Buying a franchise is a serious undertaking but compared to the inherent risks in starting a business concept from scratch it is far less risky; statistics show that most small businesses will fail where there is no previous experience.

Here again, the strength of a Wiesenhof & Dulce Cafe Franchise when compared to other similar Franchises is that Wiesenhof & Dulce has been Franchising for more than 23 years, and attempts to eliminate all potential outlet failures using their built in checks; in the site selection, the rental negotiation, the business viability evaluation and the design and again in the franchisee recruitment, and in their training and support procedures.

Wiesenhof & Dulce Cafe are fully accredited by the major SA banks and the IDC, and other government institutions as a good business investment.


The ideal franchisee is a strong individual with an entrepreneurial, outgoing nature and a burning desire to own and grow their own successful business. This owner / operator should be hands on, and have the ability to work long hours, manage others through good communication skills and respect. An eye for detail and a strong service orientation is a positive factor to increase turnover and profits, whilst previous direct experience in the industry is not a necessity.

The ideal Franchisee should have a MINIMUM of 50% owner contribution/equity in unencumbered (no interest payable), and the ability to borrow the balance. Collateral is usually required against this. Whilst there are financial means of borrowing a greater percentage of the total restaurant set up cost, this option is evaluated carefully, as the repayment costs of borrowing are often too onerous for cash flow and acquiring a partner with funds or a family backer, a better option.

Repayments on borrowings of over 50% of setup cost or higher are invariably too much to allow for a Wiesenhof & Dulce Café business to succeed as a good Return on Investment, and it is almost certain that Wiesenhof & Dulce Café would not look at a Franchisee with such high gearing, unless there was high collateral backing with assets that one would prefer not to liquidate. This person must also be able to work within the systems and processes imposed by the franchiser

In most cases, the franchisee must be prepared to manage and personally run the business for at least the first year, and preferably for the duration of the lease. Our Franchise Agreement is CPA compliant however we suggest getting assistance of an attorney.

Halaal stores must be managed and staffed in accordance with such requirements.

Get in

For more information regarding available stores contact us directly.


Available SITES

Although we list sites from time to time, we will gladly look at sites that you have in mind.  Note that we have new options available for school tuck shops, canteens, grab & go, office parks, drive throughs, etc – which we will gladly discuss with you and landlords.


For new stores a minimum of 50% owner contribution required 

Should you have a site in mind, do not hesitate to contact us to examine on your behalf